Amici Restaurant


On the strength of two hundred years of experience, the Marcone family pays special attention to t local gastronomic traditions and the genuineness of ingredients, mainly chosen from small local producers, especially those with organic farms, who are quite numerous in the municipality of Varese Ligure, the heart of what is known as “Organic Valley”.

Menù & Typical products

The menu varies daily to guarantee the highest quality and freshness by following the natural cycles of fruits and vegetables. A constant presence is represented by the organic cheeses of the Cooperativa Casearia cheese-making cooperative and by the meats supplied by the Cooperativa Carni San Pietro Vara, organic meat producers.

The wine list includes a choice of the finest Eastern Liguria vintages, as well as Italy’s most renowned wines. The spacious dining room can accommodate banquets as well as moments of intimate conviviality.

Some local specialties

Ravioli alla genovese: a classic among fresh pastas, filled with meat and vegetables and served with “u tuccu”, a meat sauce.

Croxetti di Varese Ligure: round-shaped fresh pasta stamped with geometric or floral patterns. In the past, it was a dish for special occasions and all important families had their own stamp.

Tumaxelle: meat rolls filled with vegetables, served with mushrooms or aromatic sauces.

Cima alla genovese: this dish, made famous by a song of the Ligurian songwriter and singer Fabrizio de Andrè, is made with the belly of veal, filled with meat, peas, beet tops and seasoned with marjoram, the ever-present “erba persa” of all Ligurian stuffings.

Stecchi and crocchini alla genovese: a traditional meat fry. The stecchi are coated with a cream that becomes crisp in the cooking. The crocchini are wrapped in wafers and may contain brain.

Vegetable pies: Ligurian cuisine is rich in pies, from the best known “Pasqualina” to baciocca, made with potatoes, to beet pie.

Gobeletti: round-shaped pastries filled with marmalade.